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Congratulations to :


Trappistini Hildelith; - Best Norwegian Kitten in Europe North. 2008-9



                        Trappistini Luca Sebastian [17months old][

on becoming out 4th Supreme Grand Champion in three years.




Trappistini Princess Annalina on becoming the 3rd trappistini cat to become a

Supreme Grand Champion Alter at the Maidstone show -September 2008.

Big thanks to Delsa Rudge for showing her.



                      Trappistini Marikki Anja [DOB  8Aug 2006]


Made up to Triple Grand Champion on 15th. April. 2007.

Best brown mackerel tabby Norwegian forest cat in TICA  world ranking 2006-7

Best brown mackerel tabby in N. Europe for 2006-7

Placed 4th best Norwegian Forest cat [entire] in N.Europe for 2006-7


                         Palayali Felis Audax of Trappistini.


Made up to Quadruple Grand Champion on 3rd february, 2007.

Placed 2nd best Norwegian Forest cat [entire] in N.Europe for  2006-7

2nd Best Silver Tabby with White in TICA World ranking 2006-7.



                       Trappistini Jan Teijo  [DOB 8Aug06]


Made up to Quadruple Grand Champion on 12th July 2007 at

Only 11months of age.

 Best red mackerel tabby & white in TICA 2007-8


                          Nils Alexi of Trappistini:-


FIFe International Premier   --in straight shows aged 1yr 8months.

Triple Grand Champion [alter]  with TICA.

Best in Show 6-10 month  Kitten at the Northallerton International show, 13th June, 2004.

Best inShow Adult Neuter,  Swanley International. 6 february, 2005.



                         Trappistini Ciryandill Litten [DOB 24May 2006]


Made up to Champion at his first TICA show on 3rd february, 2007.

5th Norwegian Forest cat [entire] in Europe TICA 2006-7

Best Classic Brown tabby & white Europe TICA2006-7




                         Trappistini Ammelij Marika [DOB 24May2006]



At 4 months and 1 week, she  attended her first TICA show.

The 4 judges - 2 American All-breed judges,  1 Italian and 1 Danish Speciality judge all awarded her:

Best in colour;      Best in Division;   Best of Breed  She was also Finalled by each judge.

                   Placed2nd best Norwegian kitten in N.Europe for the show year 2006-7




                         Bastian Talvji of Trappistini   [DOB 16May2004]


Supreme Grand Champion[alter] with TICA

FIFe International Premier .

Placed 2nd best norwegian neuter in N.Europe for 2006-7 with TICA

Big thanks to Delsa Rudge of Charismakatts for showing Bastian.


                              Samantha d’abelia of Trappistini


FIFe International Champion  and

TICA Supreme Grand Champion alter.

Placed as Best Norwegian neuter in N.Europe for the year 2006-7

       Samantha is now living with Delsa Rudge of Charismakatts and big thanks are due

to her for keeping and showing her in such excellent condition.




We are a small home-based cattery  situated in the  North

East of England, breeding and showing these beautiful

semi-longhair cats.  Our cats come from excellent  Scandinavian

bloodlines, and   apart from the stud  boys, they live in the house

as part of  the family.  Norwegian Forest Cats are full of fun and

enjoy human company. They make wonderful family pets – good

with children  and adults alike.



Our premises are veterinary inspected and approved.



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